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Ini adalah pengumuman yang di khususkan untuk klien reseller domain tld kami. Pergantian IP ini di karenakan perpindahan server ke Dallas, Texas -USA.


Berikut perubahannya :


We are happy to announce the successful migration of our control panel to the TexasOne DataCenter in Austin,TX that happenedon the 24th of November, 2012. As part of this migration, we’d like to highlight a couple of important changes that need to be made.Post the migration, the IP addresses associated with the whois servers and some of our products and services have changed.

Below is a list of the IPs that have changed:

Supersite: Supersite 1
Supersite 2
Control Panel:
Whois servers:









We have automatically made these changes for Domains that are using our DNS and are pointing to our name servers . However, if your Domains’ DNS are managed on another platform, you will need to manually update its name servers and DNS to point to the new IP addresses mentioned above.

We would also urge you to review the list of changed IPs above, and if you have pointed your URLs to the older IPs, we’d recommend changing them at the earliest. We also request you to send out the same details to your resellers so they can make the necessary changes at their end.

You will have time till the 24th of December, 2012 to make these changes, thus we strongly recommend that go ahead with making these changes to avoid any issues or downtimes post this date.


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